Military Discounts

  •  United Security wants to protect those that have donated their time and lives to protect our country. Please let us know if you have every served in the armed forces so that we can show our appreciation for your service with a discount on your security system.

College Discounts 


  •  Want to protect your dorm or apartment but living on a Ramen Noodles and PBR budget? United Security wants to encourage education in our community by offering discounts to students, all you need is a valid college ID.


Senior Discounts


  • Are you a Senior and want to take advantage of Medical Alert  technology? With United Security, Seniors can get the medical protection they need at a price they can afford. We offer discounts on Security, Fire and Medical alarms.


Financial Hardship Discounts

  •  No one should be worried about their safety because of Financial Hardship. United Security is a small local business and we understand that everyone needs a little help. To show our commitment to our community, United Security offers discounts to those that are in need.


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